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Martial Arts & Karate Postcards

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True Martial Arts Academy in Waltham turns 40:
Sensei Jim True reflects on milestone
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Let's Talk - Cobra Kai Interview
Sensei Jim True (True Martial Arts Academy)
Listen to the interview here (Audio Only)

Sensei Jim in the news! Read the article here

Welcome to the True Martial Arts Academy for youth, adult, and family training. Our mission is to provide the highest level of martial arts education and training in a healthy and positive atmosphere, where students of all ages may develop themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to achieve their short- and long-term goals of Black Belt and beyond while achieving success in life.

The True Martial Arts Academy has been voted #1 Martial Arts Academy in Greater Waltham's Best Businesses for 2019 by Market Surveys of America. This marks the 16th straight year the Academy has won this honor, voted in by the people of Waltham. Thank You Waltham for your continued support!

Need to keep up your training during the coronavirus outbreak?
Sensei Jim has put together a series of Youtube videos to help you stay in shape. Watch the videos by clicking the links below or on our Youtube Channel !

   Jr. Ninjas material for Orange Belt
   Little Dragons and Jr. Ninjas (Bonus Saturday Class !!)
   Tai Chi Exercises

  Little Dragons and Jr. Ninjas
  Class 1   Class 2   Class 3   Class 4   Class 5   Class 6   Class 7

  Samurai - Ages 9 - 14
  Class 1   Class 2   Class 3   Class 4   Class 5   Class 6   Class 7

  Adults and Teens
  Class 1   Class 2   Class 3   Class 4   Class 5   Class 6

  Adults and Teens Extra
  Fukiyu Kata Ichi, Ni and Naihanchi Shodan by Sensei Chris

Stay At Home Special
Don't let Covid-19 stop your Health and Wellness Activities
Take a break and learn Martial Arts... Now's the time!
Classes are offered through our
Zoom Virtual Dojo
For more info contact Sensei Jim at

Limited Time Offer

We are located at:
411 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 169
Waltham, MA 02452
Across from the Waverley Oaks Athletic Club

You can contact us at:

For General Info:

Ask Sensei Jim:


Classes are taught by Shihan Jim True (right), as well as other black belt instructors. Above, Shihan Jim teaches an advanced class a self-defense move.


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